Congress policy

By submitting the paper to +AGRO congress, all authors agree to abide by all +AGRO congress paper submission, publication and presentation policies. Namely, authors confirm that the work is original, has not appeared in literature in any form in the past and will not be submitted to any other venue concurrently with +AGRO submission or until it appears in +AGRO congress proceedings (in the case of acceptance). Furthermore, upon paper acceptance, authors agree to transfer copyright on the accepted paper to +AGRO congress, and one of the authors will register the paper and present the paper at the event. No paper withdrawals can be accepted after congresso pre-registration date or within three months of the actual event, whichever date comes first. Paper withdrawal request can be only accepted in writing through email, letter or fax to congress organizers. The +AGRO congresso has no responsibility for any intentional or accidental misuse, misinterpretation, or failure to follow above rules and conditions and holds no legal, civil or other responsibility for opinions, content or utilization of any methods/algorithms expressed in the Congress Proceedings.

If you have any questions about paper submission or the workshop, please contact the organizational committee.

Política do congresso